We pursue the Society’s aims through a range of activities in which all members can take part:

  • Meetings, usually in West Side Church, which are open to all and free of charge
  • The Work of three policy groups: Planning, Opens Spaces and Roads & Transport
  • Outings and Events organised by the Events Group

The three policy groups each include some Society members with specialist expertise. All members are free to attend and, if they wish contribute – dates are posted on the Events calendar but please let the chair know in advance if you propose attending. The groups monitor local developments, planning applications and consultation and take a lead in getting a wider discussion started within the Society. Their work is fed back to members through the Executive and the newsletter as well as this website.

Lead: Philip Whyte (020 8874 4745)

Open Spaces
Lead: Bruce St Julian-Bown (020 8874 6966)

Roads and Transport
Lead: Harry Waddingham (020 8874 8784)