The Planning Group is led by Philip Whyte and includes Margaret Romanski, John Dawson, David Kirk, Peter Farrow and others.  The team review significant planning applications and consultations falling into our area of interest; where appropriate we comment in a formal way on behalf of the Society and draw attention to the membership of specific issues.

Reports on planning issues are included on a regular basis in our newsletters and these report any action that we have taken. We also highlight where there are consultations on major proposals which members may be interested in taking part.

If you have any comments on a development proposal or need help on a planning matter please contact Philip on the link below or another member of the Planning Group. We shall do our best to help.

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The following is a summary at April 2020 of current major planning activity in the area that we cover (although not an exhaustive list). The application numbers can be used to track progress on the Council’s website.

B&Q, Swandon Way. Applications 2019/4583 and 3848. These are applications to revise consents granted previously for the redevelopment of the site. Site clearance is completed and remediation work is underway. The promoters L&G (Legal and General) wish to reduce the amount of commercial space, increase the number of residential units and improve the public amenity areas with facilities including a swimming pool. It is unclear whether the pool will be for general public use or restricted to residents.

Riverside/Haldane Place (including the trampoline centre) off Garratt Lane. Appln no 2018/4176. Revised additional information has been added to the application web site. The Society has submitted revised comments which reflect the reduced height of the blocks overlooking King George’s Park and are pleased that the amount to commercial space has remained unchanged. Our concern is also that such a significant additional residential content in this location may be inappropriate from transport and other social points of view.

Homebase, Swandon Way. Appln no 2020/0011. A revised application has been submitted to vary the content of the approved scheme. The principal changes are to increase the density of the residential uses, to reduce the commercial content, to omit the basement car parking areas and to improve the ground floor pedestrian circulation areas. The Society has submitted objections and comments, these will be found on the Council web site and this website (see Correspondence). The store is now closed for Coronavirus and unlikely to re-open as it was due to close permanently in May/June 2020.

Jaggard Way Application 2018/5413. Refused. At the December 2019 meeting of the PAC the members rejected the officer’s recommendations for the approval of the grant of outline consent. There was discussion between members confirming the points which objectors (including the Society) had put forward. The principal reason to be cited is the loss of daylight and sunlight to those houses in Ravenslea Road which back onto the site. We will have to a wait to see if an appeal is lodged.

Ferrier Street Application 2018/5699. Approved. At the same December 2019 meeting the PAC supported the officer’s recommendations for the approval of this mixed-use scheme, commercial and residential which reflects the change in this area. The only matter which the Society felt was inappropriate was the height of a tower block close to the piazza at the entrance to Wandsworth Town station, which at nine floors will be significantly higher than the surrounding buildings and the proximity to the newly confirmed Conservation Area.

Local Plan Review. A workshop organised by the Council was held at the Battersea Town Hall (Arts Centre) on 17 January (attended by the writer) when topics such as housing needs; economic, social and environmental priorities, employment needs, climate change, and the design of buildings and open space were considered.

Springfield University Hospital NHS Trust. Announced in December 2019 that confirmation of funding of approximately £150m has been received from central government for the construction of works required for the new clinical facilities on site. This follows works of site preparation by a consortium led by a McAlpine company. Contracts have also been completed with Barratt London for the first phase of the housing on the northern part of the site (backing onto College Gardens) and with City and Country for the refurbishment of the historic listed buildings. Progress for the formation of the new park on the southern part of the site proceeds, as soil from other areas of the site are re-used, we are told that no soil will be exported from site. The Society has a member who attends community liaison meetings, the last held in January 2020. We are very pleased that the redevelopment has at long last been given the “green light” (and the money!) as the Society has long supported the Trust’s endeavours for this site.

Thames Tideway Tunnel. Charlotte (the TBM) has now been re-sited to Dormay Street to continue the journey across (under) the River Thames to Carnworth Road. The Tideway web site covers the progress of the project.

Air Quality. The group has a member on the Wandsworth Environmental Forum which meets regularly to discuss matters and consider progress. The Council is shortly to implement a scheme, restricted to five schools, to introduce traffic controls close to those schools in the Borough to encourage journeys by foot, bicycle or other non-motorised transport .

Wandsworth Gyratory scheme. Unfortunately, we are unable to report any progress on the proposals.

Neal’s Lodge. No further progress.

Design Review Panel. The Society was represented on the panel in February 2020 to consider those projects submitted for consideration in the several categories selected. This task reflects the diversity of the Borough’s makeup. Everything from Battersea Power Station, to a simple rear extension to a house in one of the Borough’s streets were under scrutiny. The results will be announced by the Council in due course.

Trinity Road/Burntwood Lane, intersection. No progress to report.

Mount Nod (The Huguenot Burial Ground, East Hill). The Society has a representative on the group considering future accessibility, signage and general control following completion of works required to listed Tombs and the general improvements needed to return to site to public use.