Wandsworth Common Management & Maintenance Plan launched

The plan, just published, is a long and detailed document (plus a 2nd volume of supporting data), with masses of information on the Common’s history, ecology, trees, hydrology, governance etc, not to mention a list of over 100 actions.
You can read the official press release and the report itself by following this link or it is available on the Friends of Wandsworth Common website here

Works set to begin renewing Mount Nod

This small but historically important piece of open space is set to be given a new lease of life as part of £250,000 council conservation scheme.

The Huguenot burial ground at the top of East Hill, home to a number of listed tombs and graves, will soon be reopened to the public as a small “pocket” park – with restoration and landscaping work expected to get underway in the next few weeks.

Leonie Cooper speaks to the Society about control of vehicle emmissions

A lively meeting which started with an interesting presentation by our elected London Assembly Member for Wandsworth & Merton. It moved to debating the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed local ULEZ due to be launched in October 2021 for all areas within the North & South Circular roads. There was some clear dissent about the fairness of the scheme on those owning older cars but the consensus view is that we will all benefit from cleaner air particularly those living on heavily trafficked roads.

To see how bad the air is around your home go to the website Even homes 200 meters from heavily trafficked roads like East Hill only just meet just under the WHO’s annual legal limit of 40mcg/m3 – so what is the impact on those living closer?.