Net zero buildings: What? Why? When? How?

On 8 September Tom Spurrier made a very topical and clear presentation to the Society giving us the clear messages on how energy performance of buildings needs to change. Tom outlined the complexity of this issue as carbon emissions are predominantly embedded in the construction of the buildings rather than the issues of occupancy.

To see a recording of the talk follow this link:

Save Wimbledon Park!

One of the largest open spaces in our part of South West London is under threat.

The AELTC’s planning application, to develop the golf course, continues. A year on, they have added 60 new documents, but the core principles are unchanged.

On Capability Brown’s Grade II* historic Metropolitan Open Land they still plan an 8,000-seat stadium, 38 courts, 10 other buildings and 9kms of roads and paths. The new AELTC park would still be “permissive” rather than “public” and still contains a 30,000sqft maintenance building. All this would still break the 1993 covenants demanded by Merton to protect the golf course and agreed by AELTC on their purchase.

For full details see Home | Save Wimbledon Park where you will find access to a petition.