Brady’s is closing

Many Society members were saddened to hear that Brady’s fish restaurant beside the river is closing its doors for the last time on 28th April. “Luke and Amelia Brady are retiring after 30 years of serving the finest fish to the good people of Wandsworth and beyond”. We will miss you!

A New Year, a new National Park?

Welcome to 2019 and the National Park City Festival. From the 1st May through into August a series of activities will kick start the London National Park City Festival which will be a celebration of London’s outdoor spaces and involve a broad range of activities, from culture and health and fitness to wildlife and the environment. Find out more on

Council calling for progress on re-design of the one way system

The council’s is calling for firm  reassurances from the Mayor and TfL that they are serious about carrying out the long-awaited and much-needed redesign of the Wandsworth one-way system.

The current scheme – which would remove all through traffic from Wandsworth High Street, significantly improving the town centre’s main shopping areas for pedestrians and cyclists – was first unveiled about a decade ago.

Removing through traffic from the one-way system has been a long term strategic aim of the council, but the works can only be approved and carried out by TfL. The council has set aside more than £27milllion to help fund the scheme.

Work was originally scheduled to commence in 2017 but TfL recently confirmed that this would not now happen until 2021 at the earliest.

October Soiree

Christina McMaster on piano, Charis Jenson on violin Kirsten Jenson on cello played Mozast. Debussy and Schumann to a packed house in Patten Road on 7 October. Soirees generally take place on Sunday evenings and, thanks to the generosity of Arjan and Stefan Byron, in Patten Road. For details of the programme and booking contact Peter Farrow here.