Twenty is Plenty

Further to the successful boroughwide 20mph implementation on residential roads, Wandsworth Council is now considering a selection of classified roads that are suitable for a 20mph speed limit.  

Wandsworth are consulting residents and businesses for a 20mph speed limit on Northcote Road SW11, Bolingbroke Road SW11, Bellevue Road SW17, Rectory Lane SW17 and Silverthorne Road SW8. Wandsworth Council would like to know your views before deciding whether to proceed with implementing the proposal. Details on these consultations are available at

The closing date for the consultation is Friday 6 December

Wandsworth Bridge Repairs set to start in February

The bridge will undergo a £6m upgrade

£6 million pounds had been earmarked to give the bridge a makeover, with works due to start in February 2020 and to last about 10 months. The works will include a series of detailed structural repairs, carriageway resurfacing, waterproofing, painting and corrosion protection.

Low energy LED floodlights will be installed underneath its arches so they can be lit at night and existing street lamps will be replaced with Victoriana-style architectural lights.

Garratt Lane improvements proposed

A package of measures is being considered to make Garratt Lane safer and more attractive.

Garratt Lane at Earlsfield

The council is keen to slow down traffic, encourage cycling and improve conditions for pedestrians using Garratt lane which is used by 20,000 vehicles a day. Proposals include introducing a 20mph limit, changes to roads, pavements and kerbs and introducing new cycle lanes.

Engineers hope to report back to councillors later this year, prior to wider consultation

Leonie Cooper speaks to the Society about control of vehicle emmissions

A lively meeting which started with an interesting presentation by our elected London Assembly Member for Wandsworth & Merton. It moved to debating the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed local ULEZ due to be launched in October 2021 for all areas within the North & South Circular roads. There was some clear dissent about the fairness of the scheme on those owning older cars but the consensus view is that we will all benefit from cleaner air particularly those living on heavily trafficked roads.

To see how bad the air is around your home go to the website Even homes 200 meters from heavily trafficked roads like East Hill only just meet just under the WHO’s annual legal limit of 40mcg/m3 – so what is the impact on those living closer?.

Clean Air Day 21 June

Wandsworth Council is organising special events to mark Clean Air Day on June 21 and is encouraging local people to do their bit.

National Clean Air Day is about raising awareness of pollution issues, supporting people to reduce the amount of pollution they create, giving them tips on how to avoid pollution and helping them work together to improve air quality.