Planning for the Future: The Society’s View

The proposals in the White Paper attempt to simplify and clarify the planning system. The existing system has been adapted to the changed social, political and economic circumstances over the past 70+ years with mostly beneficial results. This has however resulted in what appears to be an over complicated process.

For a review of the White Paper from the Society’s Planning Group please see the Planning section of this website.

Planning for the Future: the London Forum’s Response

In August the Government published a White Paper entitled Planning for the Future, with consultation closed on 29 October. There have been thousands of responses from a range of national bodies, small societies, and individuals and the issue has had an airing in the national press.

If you just read one of the responses, our Planning Group suggest looking at that from The London Forum of Amenity & Civic Societies (of which this Society is a member) which makes a most interesting read.

London Forum’s final response to the consultation on the Government’s Planning White Paper can be seen here.

Together on Climate Change

Wandsworth Council are holding a Climate Summit with six virtual sessions with representatives of the Council, residents, community groups and organisations to discussing key issues surrounding climate change in the borough. These will be held on Wednesday 18 and Thursday 19 November 2020 covering topics including recycling and waste, green space, how to ‘green’ your home and how to get involved. Find out more and book your space at