Sambrooks open in the Ram Quarter

The independent Sambrook’s brewery has pulled the first pint in its new home at the Ram quarter ensuring that a 500 year history of beer making on that site continues.

The company has relocated from Battersea to launch its new brewhouse and bottle shop, with a taproom to follow late this year. The first Sambrooks beer to be brewed on the site is its original ‘Wandle Ale’, named after the river.

Alongside its state-of-the-art brewing facilities, Sambrook’s is opening a heritage centre in mid-May where visitors will have the chance to look ‘behind the barrels’ at how its ales are made, enjoy tours and try their hand at beermaking with a ‘be a brewer for the day’ experience.

How to entertain yourself whilst in lock down

The creative world has responded in an amazing way . Those who are forced to be at home can catch up on the Arts while we respond to these dramatic adverts we can add a different sort of drama to our lives.

Sadly, live entertainment and support of the arts is not considered an essential activity by any stretch of the imagination. However, there is plenty to see on-line and lots of chances to support real Drama and a range of other Arts. Here is a list of the Events Group’s ideas.

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