February Meeting

On 17 February Gill Farnsworth current Vice-Chair (and past Chair) of the South Bank Ramblers gave an interesting talk over Zoom about their origins, achievements and wide role today. Without them we might not have had the unparallelled access to the English countryside through National Parks and Rights of Way. Their work continues, repairing footpaths, installing footpath gates and ensuring rights of way are mapped and kept accessible.

The talk can be viewed here:

Virtual tour of the WRWA

On 28 January members were taken on a fascinating virtual tour of the Western Riverside Waste Authority site in Smugglers Way by Jon Long the Education Officer.

In order to see a short film to accompany the site visit https://wrwa.gov.uk/schools-adult-groups/wealth-hidden-in-waste/. For opening times see https://wrwa.gov.uk/centre-opening-times/ but note that from Monday 15 March you will need to book in order to do your recycling. You can discover where you can recycle specific items in the Wandsworth area on https://www.recyclenow.com/ To see what the charity Rework do to recycle unwanted furniture, bikes and white goods do see https://www.groundwork.org.uk/projects/rework/   A graphic which shows the destinations your recycling is sent can be seen on https://wrwa.gov.uk/news/where-does-my-recycling-go/