Self guided local walk: King George’s Park Circular 2.5 miles

This walk will allow you to see every corner of the park starting from a point close to Garratt Lane Sainsbury’s.

Start at the corner of Mapleton Road and Garratt Lane.You are standing in a pocket park alongside the River Wandle. Facing the river look to the left and take passage-way and walk along beside the river. After you cross the sports centre (formerly a lido, closed in 1993) will be on your right.

At the end turn left along the edge of the playing field and then up the steps or ramp to the upper playing field. Keep to the left and take the path along the left-hand side of the field. At Kimber Road cross at the pedestrian lights and follow the path along beside the river, crossing the track which runs to the south of Nuffield Fitness. Continue on the path where it begins to meander until you reach a major crossing of paths. At this point the path is known as Foster’s Way named after Corporal Edward Foster who was awarded the VC in 1917 and was subsequently employed as a dustman by Wandsworth Council.

Turn left on to the link with the Henry Prince Estate but turn right before you reach the footbridge over the Wandle and walk along the path beside the river. Keep on when it becomes Riverdale Drive and at the end turn right with the road and then right into Knaresborough Drive. When the fence on the left ends leave the road and turn in to the park, turn sharp left to walk around the edge of the field. Keep walking to reach the gate to the park – and you are back on Foster’s Way.

Turn right and follow the tarmac path until you reach a low gate to your left into a wooded area.  Walk through the enclosure and emerge back into the open park and follow the path past the allotments and sports pitches of Southfields Academy. This merges with a path; after a short way leave this and turn right to walk across the grass to a low gate. Cross the tarmac track and go through the next low gate into the Nuffield Fitness car park. Exit on the other side and walk across to another low gate on to Burr Road. Walk along Burr Road to the T junction with Kimber Road where you turn right. Cross Kimber Road and enter the park again (under the arch) along the west side. Follow along the side of the park ignoring a path to the right, until you get to a T junction. Turn right on the shared cycle-pedestrian path for a short distance until you reach the entrance to the formal gardens behind Southside.

Take the path around the gardens and small lake and return to this point. As you exit the formal area turn left, past the playground and into Mapleton Road. Walk past the Wandle Recreation Centre back to your starting point.

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